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Jackson Hockey

Jen was invited to join a team for the Jackson Hole tournament. One full line was from the Predators and one full line was from the Diamonds. They played amazingly well and after two wins, tied the Boise Wild Fire 2-2 in a hard-fought game on Saturday morning to make the final game, where they would play Boise again only an hour later. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to hold up quite as well in the final, but they still ended up second out of 10 teams that played. Every game was great to watch. Good on ya ladies! The rest of the photos are HERE.


Vipers vs Junior’s

Tonight’s game was great to watch. The Vipers tied the crew from Junior’s Tavern 7-7 in a very fast, high-scoring game. This was the first non-win of the season for Junior’s. Like the Diamonds a couple nights ago, the Vipers managed to not get too out of control when things got scrappy. There was plenty of time in the box, but the same was true for both sides, so it wasn’t too big of a deal. Plus, the guys (and Jen) got to laugh their asses of when I jumped out of the way after watching a puck coming at me through the 200mm telephoto lens. It caught the top inch of the boards so I just got to look like an idiot instead of breaking a $1500 piece of glass. The rest of the photos are HERE.

Staying Calm

The Diamonds, as a whole, seem to have one major problem. If a game ever reaches the point that things get a little scrappy, many of the team goes a little overboard on retaliation and they end up taking turns in the box until the end of the third period. Today, however, everyone kept their calm (well, mostly), and they simply scored goal after goal while the Blades racked up the penalty minutes. Nice work ladies. The rest of the photos are HERE.

Other Ice

Another game for Jen, another hack photo job for me. This time the Diamonds played the Ice Vixens, and when they weren’t fighting, managed to score three goals for a 3-2 win. Nice work ladies. Photos are HERE.

Diamonds vs Grizzlies

I always like watching the Diamonds play the Lady Grizzlies. The games are always fast and usually pretty scrappy. The Grizzlies are super fast, and the Diamonds generally play a bit smarter, so it’s a good look at how different skills play against each other. Today fast prevailed (with tons of help from the refs). It sure didn’t hurt the Grizz to be on a power play for about half the game. Even Jen got called for checking. Either way, it was definitely worth watching. The rest of the photos are HERE.

Goal Digger

The hockey just never ends when you’re around Jen, which is really good since I can’t do shit else right now. This weekend was the Goal Digger tournament, so I got in a lot of lens time. There were some ups and down in the games, but the Diamonds got to play some new teams and were seriously stoked to beat the Durango team which had previously beat them twice. And a shout out to Ina for scoring the opening goal in that game. Sorry I blew the shot.

The rest of the photos are HERE.

Even More Hockey

While I may have spent the last several months sitting on my ass doing nothing, Jen has been playing a shitload of hockey. Tonight was yet another game with the Vipers, and it was a good one to watch. The reffing was pretty much worthless, but neither team really felt like brawling so nothing broke out despite the lack of calls. Technically the game was a 2-4 loss for the Vipers, but it was really a 3-4 loss if you were anywhere near the half of the ice where a clear goal was scored but ignored by the reffs. I can’t believe I missed the shot. It would have been great to hand over photographic evidence of shitty reffing. You can go HERE for the rest of the photos.

Just A Skirmish

While tonight’s game wasn’t quite as aggro as the last one, it still didn’t disappoint. Both teams spent a lot of time in the penalty box, and I got to see quite a discrete tripping through a 200mm lens. Today was also my first time shooting with my new Canon 7D, and it was awesome. But man does that thing tear through memory. I have a whole ton of Nikon stuff for sale if anyone is in need. Photos from the game are HERE.

Fight Night

The one thing that’s always bummed me out about shooting SLC hockey leagues is that I never get to take photos of fights. Well, I got my wish tonight. It wasn’t all that dramatic, but I got to look through the lens and see punches thrown for the first time. Jen plays part time for the Vipers to get in more ice time, and the Vipers played Kennecott tonight. It seems that strip-miners are an angry bunch. I’ve never heard so much cussing from the box before. The teams tied 3-3 which is probably the only thing that kept me from getting shots of a brawl in the parking lot. I did, however, get to see all 130-pounds of Jen lock a 6’4″ miner out of the crease like it was a little kid. Shots from the game are HERE.

Diamonds vs Wings

It’s been another night of the Diamonds kicking ass. They didn’t slay the Wings nearly as bad as they did during the Idaho Tournament, but they still won 4-2. It was a great game to watch. Very fast and everyone played extremely well. Photos are HERE. Nice work ladies.