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Holy Crap, Rock Climbing!

If you ignore the fact that rock climbing on the 2nd of January means that this winter is seriously lame, I was pretty psyched to go climbing today. The doc told me that it would be at least next spring before I was able to climb even a little, so I was pleasantly surprised to be able to lead a 5.8 (with two hangs). My fingers, arms, and shoulders are all pissed at me, but my thumb feels surprisingly good. I was just barely able to clip with my right hand, I could place a cam if I got pretty creative, and I avoided any pinching but I’m guessing it would not have gone well. Now that that’s out of the way, how about some damn snow!


Back From Canada

Well, since there’s nearly no snow in Utah, I didn’t feel that let down that there was no outdoor ice in the Soo. I went up to Canada to hang out with Jen’s family during Christmas and was really stoked to play some pond hockey, but temps were too warm and it was not to be. We did get to swing tools on a really short piece of ice, go to a Greyhounds game, check out the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre (with an “re), and watch Canada dominate the World Juniors. Big thanks to Jen, Donna, Jill, Jeff, and Greg for a kickass week. But really, do I have to come back to SLC and find out that it’s 50 damn degrees outside.

In Print

Quite a while ago I started putting some thoughts down on paper without any purpose other than to write a bit. Over time those sentences started to become an article about the period of time surrounding the end of my marriage and the good friends who helped me pull my shit back together after I had lost the plot a bit. It sat untouched for about a year until I decided that the best way to thank those friends was to try and publish the piece. It took only 20 minutes for the editor from Gripped to get back to me about the article, and within four hours he had placed it. The current issue of Gripped (Dec/Jan 2012) hit my doorstep a few days ago and I got to see my words in print for the first time. To say that I’m psyched is a serious understatement. The editor did tone down a bit of my language (which I expected). He also took out a couple rather slanderous sentences directed at my ex-wife and a short bit about me loosing my shit in the parking lot after seeing my good friend Andy during his hospital stay. I would have preferred that those hadn’t been cut, but I’m still stoked to be able to thank my friends publicly for everything they’ve done for me.

Trip To The Desert

After a couple days in SLC, we loaded up my brother’s Suburban with three adults, two kids, one dog, two minibikes, two mountain bikes, lots of smaller toys, and plenty of beer and headed for Moab. We spent the next few days checking out Arches, Gemini Bridges and other cool only-in-the-desert things while spending the down time in camp letting out our inner (or outer) redneck while riding motorcycles, throwing axes, and generally having fun. Jen took John down LPS and Porcupine on the mountain bike, but I couldn’t join them because of my shitty thumb, so I spent the time driving RC cars with the kids. Meh, there are worse things to do with a day. When we got back into SLC we took the kids up to the sledding hill in BCC because they really wanted to play in the snow and test out their new board. Fun was had by all.

Please don’t tell my physical therapist that I rode mini-bikes with a broken thumb. She’ll kill me.


Well, the doc says my thumb is still broken, and I’m not allowed to do anything where I could possibly fall on it, but luckily my brother and his two groms are in town so I can live vicariously through them for the moment. We cruised up to Alta and did a little hiking to get the boys a feel for their new snowboards.

Birthday Slam Sesh

Today was Alex’s birthday party and the whole crew went up to some indoor surfing place in O-town. It looked super fun, but my thumb is still in a brace and I couldn’t play. Since I’m a jealous dick, I’m posting nothing but photos of my friends getting thrashed. Alex, my present to you is that you actually get one photo where you’re not crashing. Happy birthday man.

Pins Out

Well, six weeks after the surgery and eight weeks after the crash I finally got the pins out. The doc was kind enough to let me pull the pins out myself instead of making him do it. So I took his high-tech Stanley pliers and ripped those bastards out of there. I’d describe the sensation as extremely unpleasant, but not technically painful. Now I have another month of intense rehab until I have a shot at really using my hand again. I still have to wear the brace any time there’s any risk of bumping my thumb, since it’s only about 60% re-healed and will be very easy to re-break, which would be just about the shittiest thing I can possibly imagine doing at this point. Jen was at the doctors with her camera and got a video of me pulling out the second pin.

Immediately after filming me, Jen took off and kicked her citizenship test’s ass. This means that she now knows more about the creation and structure of our government than most Americans. Or should I say… ‘Mericans. Way to go Jen!

Still Broken

It’s like a damn M.A.S.H. unit at our place. Not only do I still have pins sticking out of my hand, but Jen managed to knock herself out on Sunday while riding at the Canyons. Besides loosing about an hour of memory and having a really nasty headache, she also ended up with a pretty good gash in her arm and a nasty bruise on her left leg (which did not work right for about a day). Jen will be alright by next week. I have three more weeks until I have a shot at getting the pins out.

Yup, It’s Broken

I had surgery on Tuesday and now have two screws holding my right thumb together. I’m told that the recovery will be about 8 weeks, and I get the screws out in about half that. So much for bike season.

Canada Roadtrip: Day 18

Well, it had to end eventually. Jen and I hammered out the 12 hour drive from Tacoma to SLC. But not before another day of chilling on the island and a ferry ride where our captain stopped so we could check out the whales (Narwhal Charlie!). I am really going to miss water, but I won’t miss biking or climbing (as soon as I can use my thumb again).

Huge thanks to everyone who gave us a place to sleep and food to eat.