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It’s About Damn Time!

Now all we need is a serious avalanche cycle and a couple more feet and we’ll be all set…


Out And About

To call today a “day of skiing” would be quite a stretch, but Jen and I did in fact wear skis and did in fact slide down hill on them. Who cares if it was just going back down the trail we came up. Well, there’s pretty slim pickins out there, but considering that I’m not supposed to ski anyway, I’ll take what I can get. I used one pole the whole time so I’d have less of a risk or re-breaking the thumb, and I can’t really hold a pole with my right hand anyway. I also hope to never again see the group in the parking lot who got to watch me try to put skins on my skis with one hand looking like the most gaperiffic idiot I possibly could.

Anyway, it was extremely nice to be out of the house and sliding around on the snow. Could we have a little more please?


I had a very full day of skiing yesterday, and Jen had a hockey tournament this weekend (including a game today). But the snow was way too good to pass up, so we headed up into Grizzly and found ourselves a cool little zone with cornices, steep tree chutes, and a wide open field. We did a few laps, and today was the first time Jen jumped off anything with skis. After going off the cornice the first time and crashing in very spectacular fashion, she decided that speed was her problem, so she went about twice as fast the second time and sent it huge. Her landing zone was a body length further down the slope than mine was.

Deep April

I’ve been spending the last several hours trying to think of a better day of skiing than today, but I have come up completely blank. Our group of eight rippers (well, seven rippers and me) started in LCC, skinned up Flagstaff, skied a lap in Day’s Fork, then skinned up and skied the Hallway, then skinned up again and skied a shot in Cardiff. At this point, half the crew was shot and skied out while the other half did one more Cardiff lap on another slope. Total for the day was 7800 feet of skiing with around 12 miles of travel. And about every other turn was a full-on over-the-head face shot. Really, how can you beat that?

What Happened To Spring?

Well, I was all excited for rock climbing and mountain biking, but if the Wasatch is going to dump 16 inches of fresh goodness in the mountains, then I guess I’ll just have to ski a bit more instead. Life is so unfair. Jen and I just did a quick dawn patrol up by twin lakes pass to get in a lap before work. The normally groomed snowcat road required knee-deep trail breaking, and it was worth every step.


The week’s storm over promised and under delivered, but it was still enough to get me and Jen out of the house before work this morning. The few inches came in right side up, so it was good skiing and not too punchy. Kinda like skiing groomers with a couple extra inches of fresh. Good clean fun. If we would have gone a bit higher in the canyon we probably would have found better conditions. We appeared to be just above the thaw line, as all the trees had fresh ice instead of fresh snow.

Soup Sandwich

Jen and I went night skiing at Brighton last night (as an excuse to go get my truck), came home, and wanted more. The snow was just too good to waste. Allison felt the same, so she joined us for this morning’s DP. While the snow was indeed good (on North-facing aspects), the visibility at the top of our run was zilch. So, we couldn’t exactly ski what we wanted to, but it was still worth the early alarm.

I Don’t Have The Words…

…to describe how amazing the snow was today. Storm totals are at three feet and the sun came out right as Jamon and I got to our drop-in point. We arrived in the parking lot to see several car loads of people headed toward Mill D, so we went the other way and broke trail. It was worth every step. Every turn was a wipe-the-goggles style face shot, and, well, you get the idea.

In Search Of Powder

I’m still sick and the snow has been baked to death, but that’s no reason to sit at home on the couch. Jamon and I met up to find something shaded enough and high enough to have a shot at holding some good snow. We did alright. No over-the-head blower powder or anything, but we certainly found enough decent snow and fun terrain to make it worth getting out.


Pretty basic day. Standard start. Not too early, not too late. Did a few laps with Keelan. Not too few, not too many. The snow was alright. Not amazing, but not too bad. But, by the time I got home after today’s tour I was thrashed, coughing, and running a fever. It appears that, like the rest of the state, I have not yet managed to shake the cold that never ends.