Diamonds vs Grizzlies

I always like watching the Diamonds play the Lady Grizzlies. The games are always fast and usually pretty scrappy. The Grizzlies are super fast, and the Diamonds generally play a bit smarter, so it’s a good look at how different skills play against each other. Today fast prevailed (with tons of help from the refs). It sure didn’t hurt the Grizz to be on a power play for about half the game. Even Jen got called for checking. Either way, it was definitely worth watching. The rest of the photos are HERE.


In Print

Quite a while ago I started putting some thoughts down on paper without any purpose other than to write a bit. Over time those sentences started to become an article about the period of time surrounding the end of my marriage and the good friends who helped me pull my shit back together after I had lost the plot a bit. It sat untouched for about a year until I decided that the best way to thank those friends was to try and publish the piece. It took only 20 minutes for the editor from Gripped to get back to me about the article, and within four hours he had placed it. The current issue of Gripped (Dec/Jan 2012) hit my doorstep a few days ago and I got to see my words in print for the first time. To say that I’m psyched is a serious understatement. The editor did tone down a bit of my language (which I expected). He also took out a couple rather slanderous sentences directed at my ex-wife and a short bit about me loosing my shit in the parking lot after seeing my good friend Andy during his hospital stay. I would have preferred that those hadn’t been cut, but I’m still stoked to be able to thank my friends publicly for everything they’ve done for me.

Don’t Tell My Doctor

If my doctor or PT knew that I went ice climbing today, either one would kick my ass. I was told that skiing was not an option, so I’d guess that ice climbing is out as well. It turns out that ice climbing doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as I expected. As long as I don’t swing too hard or trip on the approach, it’s actually quite pleasant. I can’t lead, since my thumb likes to quit at very inappropriate times, but it’s still incredibly nice to simply be outside and going up. Even if I have to follow someone else and hook in their pick placements.

Goal Digger

The hockey just never ends when you’re around Jen, which is really good since I can’t do shit else right now. This weekend was the Goal Digger tournament, so I got in a lot of lens time. There were some ups and down in the games, but the Diamonds got to play some new teams and were seriously stoked to beat the Durango team which had previously beat them twice. And a shout out to Ina for scoring the opening goal in that game. Sorry I blew the shot.

The rest of the photos are HERE.

Even More Hockey

While I may have spent the last several months sitting on my ass doing nothing, Jen has been playing a shitload of hockey. Tonight was yet another game with the Vipers, and it was a good one to watch. The reffing was pretty much worthless, but neither team really felt like brawling so nothing broke out despite the lack of calls. Technically the game was a 2-4 loss for the Vipers, but it was really a 3-4 loss if you were anywhere near the half of the ice where a clear goal was scored but ignored by the reffs. I can’t believe I missed the shot. It would have been great to hand over photographic evidence of shitty reffing. You can go HERE for the rest of the photos.

Out And About

To call today a “day of skiing” would be quite a stretch, but Jen and I did in fact wear skis and did in fact slide down hill on them. Who cares if it was just going back down the trail we came up. Well, there’s pretty slim pickins out there, but considering that I’m not supposed to ski anyway, I’ll take what I can get. I used one pole the whole time so I’d have less of a risk or re-breaking the thumb, and I can’t really hold a pole with my right hand anyway. I also hope to never again see the group in the parking lot who got to watch me try to put skins on my skis with one hand looking like the most gaperiffic idiot I possibly could.

Anyway, it was extremely nice to be out of the house and sliding around on the snow. Could we have a little more please?

Trip To The Desert

After a couple days in SLC, we loaded up my brother’s Suburban with three adults, two kids, one dog, two minibikes, two mountain bikes, lots of smaller toys, and plenty of beer and headed for Moab. We spent the next few days checking out Arches, Gemini Bridges and other cool only-in-the-desert things while spending the down time in camp letting out our inner (or outer) redneck while riding motorcycles, throwing axes, and generally having fun. Jen took John down LPS and Porcupine on the mountain bike, but I couldn’t join them because of my shitty thumb, so I spent the time driving RC cars with the kids. Meh, there are worse things to do with a day. When we got back into SLC we took the kids up to the sledding hill in BCC because they really wanted to play in the snow and test out their new board. Fun was had by all.

Please don’t tell my physical therapist that I rode mini-bikes with a broken thumb. She’ll kill me.


Well, the doc says my thumb is still broken, and I’m not allowed to do anything where I could possibly fall on it, but luckily my brother and his two groms are in town so I can live vicariously through them for the moment. We cruised up to Alta and did a little hiking to get the boys a feel for their new snowboards.

Just A Skirmish

While tonight’s game wasn’t quite as aggro as the last one, it still didn’t disappoint. Both teams spent a lot of time in the penalty box, and I got to see quite a discrete tripping through a 200mm lens. Today was also my first time shooting with my new Canon 7D, and it was awesome. But man does that thing tear through memory. I have a whole ton of Nikon stuff for sale if anyone is in need. Photos from the game are HERE.

Birthday Slam Sesh

Today was Alex’s birthday party and the whole crew went up to some indoor surfing place in O-town. It looked super fun, but my thumb is still in a brace and I couldn’t play. Since I’m a jealous dick, I’m posting nothing but photos of my friends getting thrashed. Alex, my present to you is that you actually get one photo where you’re not crashing. Happy birthday man.